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Why Hyaluronic Acid Is The Best Serum

More About Hyaluronic Acid

Some people are using injections to achieve fast results to get beautiful skin but not everyone can afford the expensive Botox treatments. Serums are now taking place to achieve fast and lifetime results to your skin problems.

Hyaluronic acid is said to be the one of the best most effective serum of all serums. Including Hyaluronic Acid in your daily skin regimen will provide most outstanding results and the best part of this serum is that it almost suits on every skin type i.e. from sensitive to normal or from oily to dry skin this serum works best on every skin. It means Hyaluronic acid seems to be the glorified in skincare regimen. You will be learning more about Hyaluronic acid in today`s blog that how it works on skin? What are the strengths and weakness of this serum? And what are reasons we should choose this serum and include it as a part of our daily skin care routine?

Strengths of Hyaluronic Acid:

Hyaluronic Acid has very strong ability to absorb water from the atmosphere and hold on to it, even up to 1000 times of its actual weight. It keeps our skin hydrated and when our skin is hydrated our skin looks fresh and healthy.

Hyaluronic Acid has very low chance of irritation because it is already present in our body so when we apply it we don`t get any irritation from it.

Weakness facts of Hyaluronic Acid:

Although hyaluronic acid is such a perfect serum but still some people complains about dryness because hyaluronic acid is now almost present as a common ingredient in everyday skin care products so, you might actually using it.

Here are some facts about hyaluronic acid:

Environment dependent:

Hyaluronic acid is very environment dependent serum. Hyaluronic acid basically do not generates water by itself. Like as if you are living in the country where there is humid weather and if you apply hyaluronic acid on your skin than as it does have concentrate stem of water partials that it helps to catch the moisture from the air and holds on to your skin sustainably for a long period of time which makes your skin looks plump, glowing and fresher, As compare to if you are living in dessert area where the weather is dry than hyaluronic acid would not a good choice for your skin as it has molecules which catches air moisture and as the air would be dry it might not work properly. So what it does it actually pulls out the water from your skin and brings it up on the surface which temporarily makes your skin plump but later on it would leave your skin dry. Which means hyaluronic acid works like this;

HA+ high humidity=Amazing

HA+ dry weather= Not the best

So if you want to get most of the hyaluronic acid serum in dry countries then you might have to use it in the bathroom where there is more humidity, right after taking shower or apply it on the damp skin.

Too big to penetrate:

One of the other most interesting fact about hyaluronic acid is that it is too big to penetrate in to the deepest layer of your skin, however if it does penetrate then it would significantly very low. So, that`s another limitation about how to apply hyaluronic acid so that it can reach into your skin so that you can get full benefit of it. As hyaluronic acid is already present in dermis layer which is the deepest layer of the skin, so the solution for this which is the multi molecular weight of hyaluronic acid or hydrolyzed HA is a special cosmetic ingredient used by different cosmetic industries in which they mix these components and made it into small molecular size, so that it can be easily penetrate into your skin.

Degrades upon application:

Another fact about hyaluronic acid is that it degrades into your skin so quickly upon application. HA has a dynamic turnover rate. As HA is present in the blood, so it has a half-life of 3-5 mins in your blood, which means it remains in your blood for less than a day in your skin. Which means however if we are depositing HA daily in to our skin it just turnover itself so quickly.

Receptor (CD44) matters too:

CD44 is basically a partner of HA inside your skin that works together with it. When both of them are together HA is become more stabilized which make HA a good moisturizer or lubricator for your skin. CD44 also helps to regulate the turnover rate of HA. However as we age we not only decrease HA in our body but also CD44 in our body will be decreased.

Which means we loses both HA and CD44 as we grow up. So the use of HA serum boosts the power of HA inside your body.

Today in this blog I will be telling you about how you can chose a right HA serum for you. As HA plays great role to hydrate our skin, different cosmetic companies are working hard enough to cope up on all of these facts. And they pretty get successful in it too by combining it with vitamin B5. What they basically do is they take some of the percentage of HA and mixed it up with hydrolyzed HA along with Vitamin B5 so that it will not only deeply penetrate into your skin but vitamin B5 holds it up on to your skin for longer. Which means Vitamin B5 work as CD44. They also use some peptides and antioxidants which boosts the production of HA and CD44 insides our skin naturally and also works on anti-ageing. So basically it stimulates the synthesis of HA and CD44.

Some of the great HA serums that must be included in your daily skin care regimen are:

La Roche-Posay Redermic C Anti-Wrinkle Firming Moisturizing Filler for Sensitive Skin.

SkinMedica HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator. ...

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Serum. ...

Skinceuticals Hyaluronic Acid Intensifier. ...

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5.

All these serums contains not only HA but they also contains other elements which increases the power of Hyaluronic Acid to your skin, So, that you can achieve a great wrinkle free, hydrated and super plumped and glowy skin.


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