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Privacy & Policy

If a user has any query or confusion related to the privacy and security of their personal data and financial data, you can surely go through the privacy policy stated under. A regular and timely check and balance are required to stay updated with the current and updated privacy policy. The processing and collecting of information by a user is stated in this privacy policy. Moreover, how this information is used and to whom it may be shared are also explained under this privacy policy. The website owns its services and provide an access to various applications, software, social media platforms, email updates, newsletter, SMS updates, mobile and other applications. The privacy policy explains the process of collection of information whether it is collected directly or indirectly by the website. It will be collected directly when you interact with the website by signing up and providing the website with your basic identification and contact information. The website further explains how your information will be used and to whom it will be disclosed. Furthermore, the information you share directly with the website or the information which is collected indirectly by the website. The website ensures that the information collected will not be shared with third parties and will not be sold to others in exchange for some monetary funds. The website is responsible for the security of financial information. The information is encrypted and will not be shared with anyone.
The information directly collected by the website includes identifiable and communication information such as Name, Address, Contact number, E-mail address and Username with Password. Identifiable information is the basic details that a person can be identified with. Similarly, the website collects some demographics such as Age, Gender, Birthday, Job Status, nationality, known languages, workplace information, education and professional experience. Along with this, geological status and presence are also navigated by the website to market the user with the best available options and offers nearby. If the user has enabled the precise location data on your device, it will help in knowing the location where you spend most of your time that is home or workplace and it also helps in tracking the mobility that is the movement it helps the website to determine the nearby merchants and malls nearby your location so that you don’t miss out any hot deal or offer. Also, the website studies and analyzes your relationship data such as preference, interest and activities. The interest and activities are studied across the social media platforms, pages you liked, based on your views, frequently searched pages, lifestyle, routine, etc for a better understanding that which stores or brands you would like. It helps the marketers and advertisers to better target you with products for a successful sale and transaction. The financial information you provide to the website and the coupons that you have previously purchased, gift cards and cashback offer that you have redeemed or claimed, etc are analyzed for a better understanding of the merchants you like and would be interested to buy from in future. Along with this, the payment information is collected such as Debit or Credit card, Expiry date and CVN. the website has installed software and application to protect the privacy and confidentiality of your payment details. There are no chances of an online bankruptcy or stealing of your personal and confidential data. The website may also collect the views and reviews you have with any merchant or brand such as a review or rating on several services or offers. The other information is collected indirectly with the help of your device and the Internet connection. Statistical and usage data will be studied, and device type and browsing or search history will also be studied. Along with this, the Advertising id for both android and iOS will be studied that is unique for everyone and helps in advertising and marketing purposes. Also, the information that will be studied from your device includes the name of applications available on your device, language preference, frequency and duration of the use of the device, internet service provider, model of the device, non-precise information, etc. The website further makes sure that the personal and sensitive information is only studied when needed and that too under the rules set by the governing bodies. Moreover, the website does not collect or study personal information based on anyone’s religion or ethnicity. It also does not support any immoral activity or offensive behavior based on culture, religion, gender, race, political or philosophical beliefs, or other sensitive beliefs and opinions. The data provided by the user is either used for communication purposes or for providing the services that the website offers. Another legitimate reason stays advertise the users with the current offers that are nearby and might attract them.