Terms & Condition

Terms & Conditions

The website www.shopbycodes.com is a platform where various merchants sell their coupons based on offers and promotions. It can either be a product or a service. Similarly, the goods and services can be labeled as Coupons, Promo codes, Gift cards, or deals. The areas that the stores or brands deal in are the kitchen and home appliances, food and beverages, fast forward fashion items, shoes, accessories, travel & tour, makeup and cosmetics, etc. first of all the usage of services and the website requires an agreement and acceptance by the user that they agree with the privacy policy along with terms and conditions. By signing up and creating an account, each time you log in to your account to use the website and its services. Therefore, you agree to receive updates and current deals, offers and promotions by the website on your given contact number via SMS reminder or an E-mail notification. The website doesn’t want the audience to miss out on any exciting saving opportunity. If you don’t agree with the terms and conditions or the privacy policy stated by the website, you may discontinue the usage of the website and its services. Similarly, if you don’t want to get notified of the latest saving options and offers then you may unsubscribe it anytime. For getting in touch and staying present with the terms and conditions, you must go through the terms timely. Any changes being made to the website would be stated under the Note section of the terms. The website has a whole right to change, edit, delete or discontinue any part or clause of the terms without any prior notice to the users. By agreeing with the website the user must use the website and its services, can participate in any giveaway or activity, can sign up and log in to their user account can make a purchase on the website. If there are any other terms associated with the purchase, it will be made transparent and informed to the user. With the website’s sole discretion, it has a right to change or delete any program or offer available on the website without informing the users. The bundles, deals, discounts, promo codes, coupons and cash back rewards are designed by the merchants, brands, or stores, not by the website. The website, therefore, acts as an intermediary between the website and the user. It is also necessary to reach the age of 13 or above or the age of majority in the place where you live. The website and its features are to be used and purchased by teenagers and adults only. If any minor tries to create an account, he/she will be banned from using the services or the website. The website complies with the applicable law and expects its users to be law-abiding citizens too. Any offensive behavior will not be tolerated on the website. If any user is found misbehaving and exploiting the culture and atmosphere of the website, will be banned from using the website and its services. The users should not use robotic, data mining and crawling devices and tools. The use of the website will be in accordance with the terms and conditions stated by the website. The purchase on the website should not be made for a reselling purpose. The website does not allow reselling its offers and promotions as they are valid and agreed to be posted on the website only. Users can make a purchase for their own consumption or use. They can further purchase any offer or promotion for a gifting purpose to their friends and family. The users should also provide accurate and timely information so that it gets easy for the website to contact them or communicate promotions to them. The outdated information will invalidate the user account and will make it difficult for the website to target them with the latest advertisement. It is also necessary for the user to create an account by signing up. Each time you want to use the website and its services, a User account ID and a Password will be required. The password should be confidential and should not be shared with others. Any activity taking place by the user account will make the user accountable and answerable. This means that the user is responsible for the safety and security of their user account and must not give its access to others and minors. If any unethical, fraudulent, offensive or unprincipled activity or behavior is noticed by a user account, the account will be permanently banned for the services. Every user is requested to create one account only and should not share their account with anyone. The password should be confidential and unique. It is a non-sharing and non-transferable account. If any violation of any clause is found and noticed, the access to the website will be banned and the account will be deactivated.