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Fitness Tip Of The Day Have Breakfast

Fitness Tip of the Day: “Have Breakfast”

“Do your Breakfast like a king, Lunch like the minister and have your Dinner like a beggar”. This is a common saying which we all have heard a lot of time. Having Breakfast as soon as we get up in the morning is very important for our health. Breakfast is the combination on two words ‘ break’ and ‘fast’, which means you have to break your fast. We should have our dinner at least 2 hours before going to bed so that our food gets completely digested before sleeping. Breakfast is said to be the important meal of the day because it breaks up your overnight fasting. It helps to replenish your body by providing a good source of nutrients and glucose which helps to energizes your body throughout the day.

Why doing Breakfast is important:

Many studies shows that we should consume a good breakfast as soon as we get up, and it should be a complete portion of all types of food groups i.e. carbs, proteins, vegetables, dairy, fruits and fat, to keep us fresh and energetic throughout the day.

Our body need to have all these important nutrients to be taken must in breakfast as if some of these are missed then we should have to be compensated later in a day.

Make your Habit of doing Healthy Breakfast everyday:

If you not a breakfast lover then you should start doing breakfast by making it your habit. You can start doing it by having a piece of banana to be taken as first thing in the morning. You can start your day by sipping a good mix of honey and lemon water or if are lover of some tea or coffee and switch it with a cup of green tea.

Reasons to have Breakfast:

Having a good breakfast in the morning is very necessary for you to keep you active whole day.

A good breakfast can helps you to maintain your weight, it helps to manage your blood sugar levels stable for throughout the day.

It also boosts our metabolism and keep us active and productive until lunch.

Having a good habit of eating breakfast reduces the risk of over eating especially at the time of lunch and built our cravings for later in a day.

A morning breakfast reduces the risk of heart disease and helps to strengthen our brain which further helps to improve our concentration and productivity.

People who are not used to have breakfast are more likely to get over weight and face serious health problems which includes type 2 diabetes, or can get higher cholesterol levels which may lead to higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

Skipping of breakfast can lead to have poorer memory, or you can have worse mood during the day.

Skipping breakfast can make your energy levels low which may lead to have less strength to engage in physical activity.

Choosing what to eat in a breakfast:

We should have a compilation of good source of fiber rich carbs, Proteins, dairy, fruits or vegetables, a good source of healthy fat in our breakfast.

Some options of what to have in your breakfast:

A good fiber rich carbs to be taken in the breakfast will helps us to get rid of constipation and treats IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) problem. Carbohydrates are the good source of energy for your body that is why it should be consume as first day to start your day to be more productive for all day long. We can have some oat meals, whole grain breads with some cheese or peanut butter. Whole grain in the form of breads, cereal and oat meal will help you to keep you fuller for a longer time.

You can have a bowl of fruits with some yogurt, or blend some strawberries with coconut milk to have a great refreshing smoothie by adding some flex seeds to boosts your energy levels and get the benefit of having a good source of calcium and vitamin D which helps to strengthen your bones.

Boiled eggs or a mix scrambled eggs with lots of veggies can be taken as a good source of Protein. Protein is very helpful to build your muscles. It strengthen your muscles and helps to control hunger as it helps you to feel satisfied for longer time.

A good source of proteins are Milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, eggs, nuts, lean meat and fish.

Mix and Match from every food group to prepare your delicious breakfast:

You can mix and match and make your breakfast by picking up at least 1 food from each group. Some of the examples are:

You can pick whole grain cereal from fiber rich carbs, top it with some yogurt or low-fat milk as protein and add a mix of berries with a dash of honey to get a full nutrient bowl of healthy breakfast.

Or you can also try a delicious breakfast by having 2 scrambled eggs as your protein with whole grain bread as a source of carbs with a dash of some peanut butter as a source of fat along with a mash of avocado.

Do breakfast to keep yourself healthy:

Besides this our body needs some fluids too in the morning so having a glass of lemon and honey water before having a breakfast. Or you can squeeze some fresh oranges or fresh apple juice as side line will give your breakfast a twist.

Having breakfast is very important as it flushes out toxins from your body, activate your muscles, strengthen your bones, makes you fuller which helps to leads you maintain your weight, good for your brain and heart, and keeps you awake and energetic throughout the day. So, from now onwards try not to skip your breakfast to live healthy life.


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