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Signs Of Having Migraine And Home Remedies To Get Cure From It

Signs of having migraine and home remedies to get cure from it

Migraine is now becomes a very common and fast growing problem facing by almost every person of all ages. Today we will discuss some important signs of having migraine and how you can treat it at home.

What is Migraine?

Migraine is a kind of headache that can be moderate to severe. Migraine pain usually started with a dull ache on half side of head and can get worse if not treated on time. Sometimes people may feel nausea and vomiting or may feel gratitude due to throbbing headache. Sometimes person may become sensitive due to light or noise. A migraine pain lasts for 4 hours up to 3 days or sometimes more if not treated properly. You can inherit the triggers that give you migraine like some people may become sensitive from weather changes or smell.

What are the stages and symptoms of having Migraine?

Migraine typically starts from one of half head and may triggers neck muscles and shoulders. Sometimes the pain becomes so sharp that it may cause dizziness and nausea. The common reason of having migraine is anxiety, depression, and smell allergy (like some people are allergic of smoke), stress, lack of sleep, emotional triggers, or a sudden shock or nervousness may cause to have a migraine.

The migraine pain can be of four stages:






Prodrome is considered to be the first stage of having migraine i.e. if you are having the following symptoms you may consider it to be having migraine, it usually starts happening 1-2 days before.

Mood changes

Constipation (irritable bowel syndrome)

Neck stiffness

Pain in shoulders


Frequent Yawning



Aura is the second stage of having a migraine. It usually occurs before or during the period of migraine. Each symptoms of migraine increases slowly, by usually increases their pace over several minutes and lasts for up to 60 mins.

Following are some indications which tells that you are passing through the Aura phase.

Vision loss (you might feel disturbance in vision)

Pins and needles sensations on arms and legs

Weakness or numbness in one side of face or in one side of your body

Heavy shoulders and arms

Difficulty speaking or other movements


A migraine attack lasts for up to 72 hours if not treated well on time. Sometimes migraine occurs several times in month.

During Migraine you might suffer from

Severe pain in one side or both sides of your upper body 

Pain that throb or pulses

People becomes more sensitive to light, sound, noise, smell.

Nausea or vomiting

Heavy head and shoulders

If you are suffering from severe headache with fever, stiff neck, numbness in arms, double vision, seizures, dizziness or weakness due to headache then you must seek a doctor for the treatment.


Post-drome is the condition from which a person may survive after migraine. A person may feel fatigue and weakness after having the migraine attack for up to a day.

Home remedies to treat migraine pain:

Migraine can be initially treated at home. Here are some home remedies which helps to treat migraine at home.

Drinking a cup of hot black coffee with very less sugar.

Hot packs can may help in relaxing the tense muscles.

Dipping your hands in ice cold water helps in reducing pain in the early stage of migraine.

Taking warm bath and showers.

Have a short relaxing nap.


Try over the counter medicines to treat your migraine pain.

Essential oil plays vital role in reducing migraine pain. A good massage of Lavender essential oil and peppermint oil may help to ease pain. Inhaling of these oil also help in reducing pain.

We can overcome on migraine pains if treated them on early stages.


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