Alphabet Learning Prior To Start Of School

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In their formative years, children`s minds are like tiny sponges, absorbing up everything they are exposed to. In the years before they begin formal schooling, there are numerous ways to teach kids to the alphabet. In their first term of school, they will undoubtedly do a lot of this, but having a basic understanding of the alphabet will offer them a slight advantage.

Now, if you`ve followed me for a while, you know that I`m all for play-based learning and I`ve done a ton of alphabet posts before (just search "alphabet"). So I`m not proposing that you give them papers to fill out and make them write their letters ten times over. Additionally, I want to caution you against putting yourself or your child under undue pressure to "know every letter before they start school." Some kids need more time than others, and some will be prepared sooner than others. The ages of students in Reception/Prep programs today vary greatly. Some kids might be four and a half years old, while others might be getting close to six.

The focus of the article today is on demonstrating a print-rich environment using some wonderful Bright Star Kids goods.

• Wall Decals for the Letters:

It`s easy to understand why this is one of Bright Star Kids best-selling items. I adore these letter wall decals and believe they would look great in a kid`s room, playroom, classroom, school, or daycare facility. Since they are each a separate sticker, you can arrange them however you like. Make your child`s name; use just capital letters, just lower case letters, both combined as seen below, etc. As you can see, there is also a caterpillar with a number on it.

Speaking of learning names, this is typically the first time your youngster has encountered letters. Finding the name`s first letter in particular, then the other letters. In many cases, it`s the first thing a kid writes and recognizes. As a result, knowing their name is a terrific place to start rather than trying to remember all 26 letters of the alphabet.

Even better, many of the items offered by Bright Star Kids can be customized with your child`s name, as is the case with these alphabet posters.

• Letter Posters:

This alphabet poster is yet another wonderful addition to your child`s bedroom or playroom. Simply place it where they will see it frequently, such on the back of their door. If you didn`t want to use wall stickers, there is a simpler and more affordable alternative.

• Flash Cards for the Letters of the Alphabet:

These double-sided alphabet flash cards can be used in a plethora of different ways in play-based learning, my! Match them to things like pebbles, alphabet blocks, magnets, or anything else you may think of. Put them in alphabetical order, make their name, or basic words, and hide them around the room for a "alphabet hunt" with older kids. And they are completely portable! Place them in a busy bag and carry them about with you.

• Alphabet Puzzle:

Every child should have a set of puzzles. Once more, the name of your child is personalized on these alphabet puzzles. These puzzles are a fantastic transitional piece between classic puzzles and simpler toddler puzzles with fewer parts. It is appropriate for children ages 2 to 6 and only includes 12 interlocking parts. We always begin with the corner pieces, then go on to the edges, and then fill in the centre when I do puzzles like these with Miss M. exactly like I was instructed when I was a child!

• Alphabetical Order:

Your child will adore the alphabet tracing books from Bright Star Kids if they are anything like Miss M and enjoy sitting down and writing or sketching. This personalized item features your child`s name prominently emblazoned on the front cover, giving them a genuine sense of ownership. They can locate a word that starts with that letter and trace both the capital and lowercase letters. A simpler coloring book version is also available.

Remember, do not forget to continue learning, exploring, and having fun. You can do anything when the Bright Star Kids are by your side. You are the shining star of all stars, and the future is bright! So, my little bright learners embrace each day with wonder and excitement and let your passion for learning inspires you to aim for the moon! Have a great time at school and may all of your academic endeavors be successful and exciting!