Top Functional Benefits Of Manuka Honey

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Foods are not all created equal. I am an expert in functional medicine, and I am aware that even the supposedly "healthiest" foods, like spinach, can have varying effects on various people. But generally speaking, we are aware that some foods are better for our health than others.

For instance, we are aware that natural foods will always be healthier for us than manufactured foods. The quality of those healthier options also matters, which many of us are unaware of. And I`m not simply referring about organic versus inorganic food (although that is crucial, too!).

Honey is one of my favorite instances of this. In baking and other preparations, this sweet material is frequently substituted for normal sugar as a sweetener. But there is one kind of honey that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Manuka honey is much more than only a substitute for sugar. There are a ton of other untapped advantages that are just waiting for us to discover, even if it also works fantastically for that. Let`s examine what makes Manuka Honey special and how it can improve your health.

• What distinguishes Manuka Honey?

Bees that pollinate the Manuka flower, which is exclusive to New Zealand, produce Manuka honey. This honey is unique because, unlike other crops, it can only be grown in New Zealand, where the Manuka flower is native. This means that it cannot be grown anywhere else in the globe. Additionally, this flower only blooms for two to six weeks each year, making this honey one of the rarest in the world.

The quality and potency of manuka honey can vary greatly, so it`s critical to know what to look for. Methylglyoxal (MGO), Leptosperin, and DHA are the only three markers exclusive to Manuka Honey that are measured and guaranteed by the UMFTM grading system. You simply cannot be certain of what you are purchasing if it is not UMFTM accredited.

A UMFTM rating of UMFTM 5+ to 10+ offers increased levels of the advantageous chemicals each day. The highest concentrations of these antibacterial substances are present in anything above that. In addition to the certification on the jar`s front, Manuka Honey can be identified by its darker color and richer flavor since it contains higher amounts of healthy components. The more positive effects Manuka Honey has on your health, including:

• Reduces Infection:

Manuka honey has potent ingredients that give it a 5+ or higher rating for antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. This makes it strong enough to cure severe wounds like burns and infected ones since it can fight off infections like Salmonella, E. Coli, and S. aureus, often known as MRSA. This has been demonstrated by research.

• Increases Luminous Skin:

Manuka Honey is a fantastic addition to DIY face masks and other skincare products to treat acne and lessen scarring because of its topical antibacterial characteristics.

• Improves Digestion:

Manuka honey has been found in studies to have tremendous benefits for digestion since it can reduce inflammatory cytokines like IL-6 and TNF-a in the gut. Manuka honey added to the diet can also aid in boosting the microbiome`s beneficial bacteria population.

• Favors Immune System Health:

Your stomach is where the majority of your body`s immune system is located. Therefore, a healthy gut is a prerequisite for a strong immune system, and as we saw above, manuka honey has been demonstrated to help enhance the health of your entire microbiome. Due to its antibacterial properties, manuka honey has also been demonstrated to assist in the defense against a number of infections.

A UMFTM 5+ grade is a fantastic choice if all you need is daily help. But if you want more focused assistance to access the highest concentrations of these health advantages, you should search for a product with a rating of UMFTM 20+, a very uncommon Manuka honey that provides nature`s most potent health advantages in a single ingredient resource.

Although there are several Manuka honey brands available, Comvita is the top one that I personally use and suggest because it is made from genuine Manuka. With over 45 years of beekeeping experience, they are specialists in their profession. They have mastered the manufacture of Manuka Honey thanks to their extensive experience. Their methods are not only environmentally friendly, but they also help guarantee that only the best honey is put into each jar you buy today and in the future.

Comvita is also UMFTM accredited, a certification system supported by the New Zealand government that certifies quality and potency. Without this classification, it cannot truly be Manuka Honey, with all of its advantageous characteristics.

To use in my tea or consume by the spoonful in between my long days of patient consultation, I always have a jar of Comvita`s UMFTM 5+ (for daily use) and UMFTM 10+ (for targeted usage) at my office. I want to be sure that anything I put in my body not only tastes nice but also benefits me and actively improves my health with each mouthful. With Comvita, I can say with certainty that this is the case.